Intended for use in the toughest and most demanding environments, Vega Plus® is the preferred choice for educational institutes looking for durability and performance. With completely revamped colours and upgraded stain, chemical, scratch and scuff resistance, the floor retains its luster throughout its lifetime.

Responsive’s education flooring is designed to withstand the heavy foot traffic of students. Available in a wonderful array of colours and designs, they create an ambience to study in. Our flooring for Educational Institutes are free of any VOC emissions, thus making them compliant with environmental norms for human health and also helps maintain good air quality. These products are also acoustically designed to reduce foot sounds enabling students to study in quieter environments.

Our second offering of Talitha offers basic design and colour, just what is needed for serious environments where value for money solutions are the top priority. Talitha is a fully flexible, homogeneous vinyl floor covering with slight directional decor coloured and designed throughout the 2.00 mm thickness available in sheets and tiles. The surface is PU treated and compacted for improved wear and ease of maintenance. Talitha® is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.