At the tender ages of 22 and 12, two brothers from the family set sail for Colombo, Ceylon with a hundred rupees between them. Little was known that this was the start of a legacy with the creation of the company Mody &Co, that soon became the largest importer of sanitary ware from Doulton’s of London in Sri Lanka. Alongside the sanitary ware business, import of the much sought after Burmese teak wood had begun under the name of The Berma Teak Trading Co. Meanwhile, there were ongoing attempts in India by the family to explore the intent of expanding into tin container manufacturing. In no time, on November 11, 1946, India Tin Industries i.e Tin Factory was born. By this time, in Colombo, the timber business had widely grown and the family now happened to own the largest saw mill in the country.

The business, which had grown to monumental proportions by the late 1950s began to feel strong headwinds and this lead to the diversification into the building materials industry through the subsequent establishment of a large trading company in 1971 namely Devesh Sandeep &Co. As of date, one of the esteemed subsidiaries, Buildstar (formerly known as Devesh Sandeep &Co), has emerged as a leading supplier of building materials in India.

We are proud to represent renowned Indian brands such as Tata Pravesh, Responsive, Sumai, Shubhwood, and HIL (Parador), along with prestigious international brands like Buzon (Belgium), Parador (Germany), Ideal Legno (Italy), Par-ky (Belgium), and Silvadec (France). Since its inception, Buildstar has made significant contributions to the industry. Initially focusing on contract flooring materials, we have successfully supplied and installed over 50 million square meters of flooring, decking and cladding across various projects in India over the past five decades.

A decade ago, propelled by a visionary commitment to diversification, we soared into the realm of doors, expanding our horizons and elevating our expertise. Today, Buildstar proudly offers a wide range of doors, including our latest partnership with TATA Pravesh from TATA Steel for fire and security doors and Sumai for wood doors. We continue to be a major supplier to several leading projects across India.

At Buildstar, we are committed to ongoing innovation in our product portfolio, ensuring that we consistently offer the best solutions to our valued customers. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value for your investment, consistently raising industry standards and setting benchmarks that redefine quality and innovation.