Classic 1050 Merbau- (4 Side Bevel)

Inspired by the elegant beauty of merbau wood, this laminate flooring conveys a particularly warm and cosy atmosphere. The noble merbau wood has a relatively even grain, which gives every ram a calm and serene ambience. This makes this look particularly suitable for rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms or children's rooms. The reddish-brown and warm colour scheme creates a lot of cosiness. The lighter and more powerful colour nuances are particularly appealing. The circumferential bevelled long and end edges are in no way inferior to the charm and elegance of a real wood flooring, as each individual plank is emphasised. In addition, the surface is not smooth, but has a universal wood structure embossing. This not only supports the visual but also the haptic impression that this is real wood. So even when you get up in the morning, you can enjoy an authentic surface that has a positive effect on your well-being.