Basic 400 Teak Bleached Wide( 4 Side Bevel)

Light and inviting, the restrainedly grained laminate flooring of the 400 Series from Parador in bleached teakwood look. For price-conscious plank fans this distinctive flooring is an unconventional alternative. The light teak decor has a very authentic effect. The modern and hard-wearing laminate flooring with a silk matt surface and all-round bevel matches many modern and classic interior styles in the living area. The striking plank pattern is an exciting eye-catcher in the light and discreet laminate. Parador Laminate Flooring Basic 400 Teak Bleached is an interesting floor covering that looks as stylish with avant-garde designer furniture as it does with the light, Scandinavian style of living. With this easy-care laminate flooring you give your rooms a plus in practical living comfort with an extravagant touch.